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hey I just wanted to say thanks for the overwhelming online response we have gotten on the new song “Summer of ‘89” we put out there last week! It’s a fun jam for us. I think you will like the rest of the record if you dig that one… But please don’t think the rest of the record will have verse ripoffs of Dixie Chicks songs, or misinterpreted disses on Bryan Adams… Actually, it’s quite the contrary.. I LOVE Bryan Adams. It was just hard convincing my stoner friends and metal asshole buds to agree with me that a guy with a leather jacket could play a guitar with no distortion and still be cool. . I actually think he is still better than most artists today… And i played the SHIT out of “Run To You” in my first talent show at school. Almost as good as the Dixie Chicks… Who I love so much that apparently (and subconsciously) copped the melody of their song “Goodbye Earle” verse in the verse of “Summer of ‘89”….. Oops. It must have been from wearing out my copy of “Fly” (you think I’m kidding) when it came out. Either way, I hope you enjoy this song as much as we do playing it!

So who’s ready for a tour? Me! Me! Me! I’ll do it! Pick me!!

Dates are coming at ya soon for the Late Summer…

Well, we are off to shoot a video in the desert… See you soon….

BW & the BWs

Summer of ‘89 - listen to the song here

changing strings,
and banging on things
a couple of girls from the school
would listen to kiss
(with rockets for fists)
acting like saturdays fool

learned how to smoke,
told dirty jokes
talked about loose girls from rome
i made out with most of them
so i raised a toast to them
especially now that i’m (old)

and they’re 45 with husbands who don’t like their wives
3 or 4 kids make enough to survive
in their paper mill jobs
while their teen heartthrobs
are playing in bands
or they’re dead

can i go back to when
i was the winner
way before the rain came
and washed away the sinners
everyone was something and
nothing was done right or wrong

smothering the cover of a 69 summer
played through a speaker of fuzz
nobody knew bryan adams wasn’t cool
the tv just told me he was
always heard the sound get me out of this town
resonating clear on my head
chuck ran away with our gear and the drugs
i’m pretty sure that he’s dead

or he’s 46 and alone,
cast the heaviest stone,
suburban cover band playing bad to the bone
in a bath tub of meth
you can smell your own death
you know when you can’t look the past in the eye

can i just go back to when
i was the winner
way before the rain came
and washed away the sinners
everyone was something
(and i could never do any wrong)

went back to the woods
where i hid all my goods
in a rusted out cadillac door
we all get nostalgic
and fall for the hat trick
of thinking it’ll be like before

like the football jocks
trying to please their pops
and the stoners aping everything their bad uncles taught
and the teachers who cared
more than i ever knew,
and knew i played clubs
let me sleep through school
and my day job boss
who wrote it up as a loss
but let me leave when i wanted and i never got caught
sleeping out on the field
in the back of my truck
breaking into the bars
steal the beer and getting fucked
by a girl twice my age, making minimum wage
but the tan lines were good
and she had a good face
is this what i’ve become
is this all i’ve become
when do i become…

i want to go back to when
i was the winner
way before the rain came
and washed away the sinners
everyone was someone and
and i could never do any wrong

I love you butch <3

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